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Dark clouds brought a demon, but the sun broke thru too.

Dark Demons cometh but the Sun arrived.

"How do you manage to always be in a bubbly humour wearing a smile?" This is a casual question / remark that gets sent my way every so often. Yes, I do always put the good side out, that's just my DNA I suppose. I always say, smiles and hugs are free and I do like them both. So when out and about, you'll certaintly get one and if I know you well enough, perhaps both off me. 
As I fight my bastard tumour (I'm not being ignorant, but I'm not it's parent, retrospectively), hence my common use of that 'B' word. I am just as human as you and YOU, so my mind is well up for receiving dark thoughts too. Just last week, totally zonked from my chemo, I go to bed early, 4pm early. Lieing silently and tired on the bed, this dark (quite dark) cloud decided to pay me a visit.
Whatever possessed the following thoughts to enter my mind at that particular moment in time is anybody's guess, but I strongly suspect, the fact th…